Zucchini au gratin

Posted on 07/08/2013, in: Cook
Zucchini au gratin
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For 4 people

4 average size zucchini
Parmesan cheese
Herbes de Provence or other spices, according to your taste
Half a glass of milk


Slice the zucchini very thinly (with a mandoline slicer or a potato peeler).
Grease an oven dish, place a layer of zucchini in it, add some salt, pepper, chopped herbs or spices that you like, a drizzle of oil and two tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese, then repeat the procedure creating another two layers. In the last one, before the Parmesan cheese, add the milk.
Cook in a fan-assisted oven, at 180 °C, for 30–45 minutes (the time varies according to the thickness of the slices of zucchini).

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