Potato and tomato towers

Posted on 13/06/2012, in: Cook
Potato and tomato towers
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A simple and cheap recipe that is also quick, tasty and good to look at. This recipe can also be done with other types of tomatoes and cheese. It can be a side dish but is also great as a starter.


  • 3 new potatoes
  • 5 Piccadilly tomatoes
  • pecorino cheese
  • oil
  • salt
  • oregano

Peel, wash and dry the potatoes. Cut them into thin slices, of the same thickness. Wash and dry the tomatoes, slice them and season with oil, salt and oregano. Build small towers, using slices of potatoes of the same size and starting with the largest ones: place them on a lightly greased oven-proof dish. Alternate a slice of potato, one or two of tomato, then potato again, a thin slice of cheese, and then start again. If you build your “towers” too tall they may not cook uniformly and could collapse. Alternatively you can put the towers in greaseproof paper or aluminium; this will make them easier to serve without breaking. Cook for around 15 minutes at 200 °C, or in any case until you see that a slight crust forms on the outside edge of the potatoes. Before serving check that the last layer, at the bottom, is cooked. Sprinkle with oregano and serve.

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