Bergamot liqueur

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Bergamot liqueur

The bergamot orange is a citrus fruit with a history that’s closely tied to the Italian region from which I come, Calabria; and I, as a true Calabrian, have always know its uses and properties.
This year a friend of mine gave me some fresh bergamots and I was able to make this bergamot liqueur.
Serve it cold as an after-dinner drink or use it to add an extra touch of flavour to deserts, ice-creams and water-ices; you’ll get hooked on it!


- Fresh bergamot oranges, untreated, 6
- Pure drinking quality alcohol, 95%, 500 ml
- Water, 600 ml
- Sugar, 350 gr



Wash the bergamots carefully and then peel them taking great care not to cut the white part.
Put the peel to soak with the alcohol in an airtight glass container; put it in a cool dark place for 21 days, and shake it every now and again.
When the three weeks are over, filter the alcohol to eliminate the peel.
Put the water and sugar in a saucepan, heat just enough to make the sugar melt.
Let the sugary water cool down and then mix it with the alcohol.
Pour the mixture into glass bottles, keep them in a dark, dry place for another 3 weeks.
This bergamot liqueur can be served cold as an after-dinner drink, used hot to help fight colds and seasonal illnesses, or added to homemade desserts, water-ices and ice-creams for some extra flavour.

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