Spring salad

Posted on 11/05/2015, in: Cook
Spring salad
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Spring salad, a very simple recipe for a dish that’s fresh, fragrant and colourful. This time we find flowers, not in a vase or in the garden, but directly on the table! Here’s how to prepare the most beautiful salad you’ve ever tasted.


- Tender mixed salad leaves, 4 bunches
- Daisy leaves and flowers, 1 handful
- Pea flowers, marigolds and violets, 1 handful
- Lemon juice, as required
- Extra-virgin olive oil, as required
- Peppercorns: white, black, green and red, as required
- Lemon, as required
- Salt, as required


Carefully wash the salad leaves, the flowers and the leaves you have picked. Dry them on top of a clean cloth, spreading them out well.
Arrange the leaves on a plate and then add the flowers.
Pour the oil and lemon juice into a bowl with a pinch of salt, beat well with a fork until you create an emulsion that you can dress your salad with. A little freshly milled pepper and the dish is ready! Serve your spring salad accompanied by some fresh cheese seasoned with oil and pepper.

Photo: Gabe Rodriguez

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