Garden cress pesto

Posted on 08/06/2015, in: Cook
Garden cress pesto
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Garden cress pesto is ideal as a sauce for pasta and rice or used to make delicious bruschetta.
The spicy flavour of garden cress creates a perfect mix with pasta, in fact this recipe was thought of to be used with it but, believe me, the result is wonderful with rice too.
Sow this plant in your vegetable garden… in very short time it’ll give you an abundant harvest and you'll be able to prepare this pesto, which is mouth-watering!


Garden cress, 250 gr of young leaves
Garlic, 2 cloves
Oil, 15 spoonfuls
Grana cheese, 100 gr
Pine nuts, a couple of handfuls
Parsley, an abundant sprig
Salt, as required
Pepper, as required


You can’t find a recipe simpler than this!
Rinse the parsley and the garden cress, dry them and put them in a bowl together with the cloves of garlic. Add the grated grana cheese and the oil, finally season with salt and pepper.
Now turn on your immersion blender and blend the ingredients until you obtain a cream that isn't too liquid. My suggestion is not to blend for too long, in order to leave a few larger pieces. And that’s all there is to it!
Buon appetito!

Photo: Stijn Nieuwendijk

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