Plants that need little water? Here are the right ones for the garden

Posted on 16/04/2015, in: Learn
Plants that need little water? Here are the right ones for the garden

Colours, aromas and petals can enliven a low water use garden just like they do in any other green space.

For example there are many medicinal herbs that resist for a long time without water, such as highly perfumed lavender, thyme, sage, bright yellow lavender cotton, myrtle, artemisia and catmint.
Among the flowering shrubs that don’t need much water we recommend the various varieties of cistus, all the temperate climate varieties of euphorbia (such as Euphorbia myrsinites), lantana, broom, in particular Mount Etna broom, honeysuckle, oleander, retama, cytisus, potentilla, buddleia, silver ragwort and, why not, hibiscus as well. Amongst the small trees there are tamarisk, acacia, the Judas tree, crape myrtle and pomegranate, while if you prefer climbers you can choose confederate jasmine, solanum, passion flower, wisteria and, in hotter areas, bougainvillea.
Snow-in-summer, scented geranium, rock soapwort, alyssum and Lomelosia minoana are all creepers that are ideal in rock gardens, along with portulaca, a creeping succulent with brightly coloured flowers. 
Lastly, a few ornamental grasses are a must to plant in your beautiful low water use garden: you can include sedums, fountain grass, esparto grass, Tanacetum ptarmiciflorum, globe thistle, blue oat grass, acanthus, agapanthus, centaurea, the majestic mullein and the many varieties of festuca.

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