Moonlight Gardens: how to enjoy the enchantment of a garden lit by the light of the moon

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Moonlight Gardens: how to enjoy the enchantment of a garden lit by the light of the moon

When summer arrives there’s nothing better than cooling down and chilling out in a quiet, romantic garden lit by the light of the moon. In just a few steps you can create what the English, inspired by ancient oriental projects, call a Moonlight Garden, and you can enjoy these special green areas that, at night, are full of intense summer fragrances, the silvery sparkle of pale flowers and variegated leaves, and the flickering of fireflies and moths.

The majority of night-blooming plants are in fact pollinated by these insects, which are attracted by their scent: the most famous is probably the four o’clock flower (Mirabilis jalapa) a hardy, bushy, herbaceous plant that should never be missing in this kind of garden, adorned with trumpet-shape flowers (sometimes of different colours on the same plant), which open at dusk and fill the garden with their scent all night long from July to September.

Other pleasant, scented nocturnal flowers are those of the small annual Silene noctiflora, the little trumpets and bells of Nicotiana noctiflora, Brugmansia arborea and of the climbers Ipomoea alba and Mandevilla bianca, which will keep you company along with the scented petals of Cestrum nocturnum.

Ipomea alba

Moonlight Gardens, however, shouldn’t just be full of night-blooming plants, with silvery leaves or pale inflorescences you can create and endless variety of compositions.
In the next article (Read here) lots of tips on the plants to choose and all the tricks for creating a state-of-the-art garden.

Photo: Yevgen Pogoryelov

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