St. John's wort oil

Posted on 23/06/2014, in: Wellness
St. John's wort oil

St. John’s wort oil can be used to cure minor burns and scalds, to moisturize dry skin and to heal small cuts.
The Latin name for St. John's wort is Hypericum perforatum. The story goes that the flowers used to prepare the oil were once harvested on the night of St. Johns day, between June 23th and June 24th, giving origin to the plant’s common name.
This curative oil can be prepared in various ways; you can use olive oil, as in the case of today’s recipe, or almond oil, as I already recommended some time ago here on Grow The Planet. Try using St. John’s wort oil yourself, it’s easy to prepare and, above all, incredibly useful

- Olive oil, 250 gr
- St. John's wort flowers picked on June 23th, 100 gr

You’ll also need:
- An airtight glass jar


Put the St. John's wort flowers in the glass jar, squash them with a spoon and cover them with the oil. Place the jar in full sunlight and leave the ingredients to soak for 15 days, remembering to shake the container at least once every day.
Filter the liquid, eliminate the solid part and preserve the oil in the fridge closed in small, dark glass bottles.

Take care: St. John's wort oil is a photosensitizer; don’t expose your skin to sunlight (or UV rays) after having treated it with the oil.

Photo: Steve_C, Valeria C.m.

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