Vegetable gardening, Food, Wellbeing.
Welcome to Grow the Planet!
What is Grow the Planet?
Grow The Planet is a social network dedicated to anyone who loves good healthy food, anyone who has a vegetable garden or simply wants to learn, in a simply fun way, how to grow some of their own food.
Grow whatever you like, easily.
With Grow the Planet growing plants becomes a game and the results will be delicious! We'll follow you in every phase, step by step, and you'll manage to grow things even if you live in a city, have very little space and… limited time.
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A diary that adapts to your requirements
Grow the Planet adapts to your climatic zone and is able to personalize the growing diary according to the average seasonal temperatures that affect your vegetable garden.
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Quality of raw materials, quality at your table.
Satisfaction guaranteed: the fruit and vegetables from your garden will be top quality ingredients, and on Grow The Planet you'll find recipes and tips on how to transform them into healthy, tasty dishes.
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Cook what you harvest
Grow The Planet always knows what you're about to harvest, therefore we've always got the right recipe for you! So you can cook and make the most of your home-grown produce.
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Our wellbeing begins with our food.
Discover the virtues and beneficial properties of your plants and their fruits, learn how to keep them and eat them correctly. And that's not all, use them to make cosmetics, creams, detergents and everything that gives your style a natural touch.
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What we eat when we eat
Being well acquainted with what we eat daily is becoming increasingly important, especially in a society in which food is constantly less natural and more the fruit of industrial processes. With Grow The Planet you'll learn to recognise the quality and nutritional value of your food.
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