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Grow the Planet is the community for those who love good, healthy, tasty eating. All of our tips aim at producing top quality ingredients, and amongst our users you'll find important chefs, gourmets and people with a passion for typical local produce from all over the world.
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Which are the best ingredients you can use when cooking? The ones you grow yourself, obviously! Grow The Planet gives you endless recipes that will transform the produce from your vegetable garden into delicious, healthy dishes.
Not just recipes
The ingredients from your garden aren't just for cooking straight away: on Grow The Planet you'll find lots of articles on preserving techniques, on preparing tasty jams and preserves, on how to use wild herbs… and lots, lots more!
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All Grow the Planet users love good food, and many of them are excellent cooks! If you have a passion for cooking, surprise everyone by sharing your recipes with us. Buon appetito!
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