Vegetable garden is easy
Grow your own food in a simple, fun way!
Whether you're an expert grower or just curious about the possibility of tasting real locally sourced food, Grow The Planet has the right tools to help you. And if you've never grown anything before, try one of our all-in-one Kits for beginners!
Follow each phase of your crops
Grow the Planet follows your crops, step by step and day after day, from sowing to harvesting, promptly reminding you of what you need to do: watering, weeding, harvesting… For each task there's a video and easy to follow instructions, so you can't go wrong!
An intelligent diary
Grow the Planet geo-locates your vegetable garden: in this way we're able to give you the right tips and tasks for the area you're growing in, recommend seasonable vegetables and tell you what you can sow or transplant each day of the year.
Intercropping is better!
The Grow The Planet diary supports vegetable intercropping, a technique that lets you grow more than one kind of plant in the same space in order to obtain better results in a natural way.
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Create your own vegetable garden and become a grower with the help of Grow The Planet!