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Grow you own vegetable garden, eat healthy
There's a simple and delicious way to stay healthy: eating seasonable fruit and vegetables, better still if home grown, every day. Grow The Planet will give you tips and tricks on how to always serve genuine fresh produce, according to what's in season.
Look better with fruit and vegetables from your garden!
Are you convinced that the fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs in your garden are only for use in your best recipes? Wrong! It's easy to prepare homemade herbal teas, decoctions and beauty remedies that make use of the therapeutic virtues of fruit and vegetables. Discover health and beauty secrets with Grow The Planet!
Do you know what you eat?
Fruit and vegetables are a source of a number of elements that are very precious for our organism: water, sugars, vitamins, minerals and fibre. These substances help protect our body from many common illnesses! But do we really know what we eat? With Grow The Planet you'll learn about the beneficial properties of food, and discover day to day wellbeing!
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Learn all about the beneficial properties of your food and stay healthy thanks to the vegetables from your garden!