Family: Lamiaceae
Genus: Ocimum
Species: O. basilicum


Native to Asia and known since antiquity, basil is a herbaceous bushy and well branched that under optimum conditions can reach 1 mt in height. The leaves are opposite, there may be very different depending on the variety, we find broad or narrow, small but rather large, oval and pointed, slightly toothed or entire margin, smooth or blistering, but all of a beautiful bright green.

Growing Sheet

Scientific name Ocimum basilicum
Productivity cycle Annual
Recommended Seeding In Pots
Number of seeds 4
Sowing Depth 0.30 cm
Distance between rows 25 cm / 30 cm
Distance between rows 15 cm / 20 cm
Estimated number of plants/sqm 20.00
Average growing time 60 gg / 120 gg
Average sprouting time 8 gg / 10 gg
Produce per sqm 0.10 kg / 0.20 kg
Estimated growing sqm per person 0.1
Ideal Sprouting Temperature (C°) 18 °c - 25 °c
Min. Temperature (C°) 15 °c
Soil pH 6.80 / 7.00
Can be grown in pots yes



Best known and widespread variety, medium-large glossy leaves, very pleasant aroma


Large and bullous leaves variety, very fragrant

Red Rubin
Characteristic reddish-purple leaves variety
Red Rubin