Cutting lettuce

Cutting lettuce

Family: Asteraceae
Genus: Lactuca
Species: L. sativa


Lettuce belongs to the Compositae family. It grows in a basal rosette that gives life to a head that can take the form of spherical and elongated, and many variations between these two forms. Also the shape of the leaves as their color is also present very different depending on the variety. Below some cutting varieties.

Growing Sheet

Scientific name Lactuca sativa
Productivity cycle Annual
Recommended Seeding in the ground
Amount of seeds 10.00 g
Sowing Depth 0.30 cm
Distance between rows 8 cm / 12 cm
Distance between rows cm / cm
Average growing time 50 gg / 80 gg
Average sprouting time 5 gg / 10 gg
Produce per sqm 1.00 kg / 2.00 kg
Estimated growing sqm per person 2.0
Ideal Sprouting Temperature (C°) 14 °c - 18 °c
Min. Temperature (C°) -2 °c
Soil pH 6.00 / 7.00
Can be grown in pots yes


Red salad bowl

foglia di colore rosso, resiste bene ai periodi caldi

Red salad bowl
Lollo Bionda

This variety forms a large, soft, round head; made up of curly bright green leaves. Lollo Bionda is particularly appreciated for the fact that it is slow to bolt. The leaves are sweet and crispy.

Lollo Bionda
Curly Lollo rossa

Curly leaf, red-violet

Curly Lollo rossa