Coloured onion

Coloured onion

Family: Liliaceae
Genus: Allium
Species: A. cepa


Onion belongs to the family of Liliaceae. Develops numerous superficial roots of a whitish color. The leaves are hollow and bulging at the bottom. The bulb is formed by thickening of the basal part of leaves divetano fleshy, white, red or purple. The second year flowering stem that forms the top of the door to an inflorescence umbel composed of many flowers that form a capsule containing 1-2 seeds of black or brown and irregularly shaped. Below some varieties from coloured group.

Growing Sheet

Scientific name Allium cepa
Productivity cycle Annual
Recommended Seeding In Pots
Number of seeds 2
Sowing Depth 1.00 cm
Distance between rows 25 cm / 40 cm
Distance between rows 15 cm / 25 cm
Estimated number of plants/sqm 30.00
Average growing time 140 gg / 180 gg
Average sprouting time 10 gg / 15 gg
Produce per sqm 2.00 kg / 4.00 kg
Estimated growing sqm per person 1.2
Ideal Sprouting Temperature (C°) 5 °c - 26 °c
Min. Temperature (C°) 5 °c
Soil pH 6.00 / 7.00
Can be grown in pots yes



Delicious variety, large and elongated red-purple bulb, pinkish-white pulp

Milan coppery red

Excellent variety, heavy weight, white pulp, sweet and fragrant. Store well

Milan coppery red

Golden roundish bulb, delicate flavor, stores well

Stuttgarter riesen

A late variety of German origin, very easy to grow and therefore suitable for vegetable gardening beginners.  The onions are average to large in size, globe-shaped and slightly flattened. The skin is copper-coloured. The flesh is white, compact and has a particularly good flavour.

Stuttgarter riesen