Broccoli rabe

Broccoli rabe

Family: Brassicaceae
Genus: Brassica
Species: B. rapa subsp. sylvestris var. esculenta


Mediterranean origin of the Broccoli rabe is a variety of turnip (Brassica rapa) different for the annual cycle and the tap root that enlarges. The leaves are elongated and irregularly lobed and toothed. It emits a very fleshy and branched flowering stem with umbelliform inflorescences.

Growing Sheet

Scientific name Brassica rapa subsp. sylvestris var. esculenta
Productivity cycle Annual
Recommended Seeding In Pots
Number of seeds 2
Sowing Depth 0.30 cm
Distance between rows 40 cm / 50 cm
Distance between rows 20 cm / 30 cm
Estimated number of plants/sqm 8.00
Average growing time 50 gg / 60 gg
Average sprouting time 4 gg / 6 gg
Produce per sqm 1.00 kg / 2.00 kg
Estimated growing sqm per person 1.3
Ideal Sprouting Temperature (C°) 20 °c - 25 °c
Min. Temperature (C°) 7 °c
Soil pH 7.00 / 7.00
Can be grown in pots no



Precocious variety: from seed to harvest in 40 days

Broccoli rabe

Early variety: from sowing to harvest in about 60 days

Broccoli rabe

Late variety, is harvested in about 90 days

Broccoli rabe