Can anyone tell me about fungas gnats?

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asked Feb 20, 2013 by tracy blee
Are fungas gnats just a nucience or do they do damage to new seedlings? I have a lot of them in my potting mix and I know if I let my soil dry out they will go away, but i have to keep the top misted in order to get my seeds to germinate. I hope someone can help me. I have looked them up on the internet and it just says to dry out my soil which is fine if its an established plant, but not possible with seedlings.    Thanks so much, and have a great day.    Tracy

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answered Feb 21, 2013 by Monika Jacobs
Hi there,

Fungas gnats eat up the hairs on the roots of your plants and in doing so the plant is eventually unable to take up water.  

I read that one of the most effective cures for fungus gnats is to drench the soil with a mixture of a teaspoon of non grease-cutting dish soap to a gallon of water/about 3,7 litres.  If you put your potted plant up on blocks or bricks so that the water can run freely through the bottom holes, then slowly pour the entire mixure of  soap and water through the soil. Let it drain until it isn't dripping anymore, then let it dry out as much as possible before watering again. This should kill any gnats or larvae that are in the soil. It's best to repeat the treatment in ten days to be sure you got them all.
Good luck!

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