can green beans grow in pots

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asked Mar 13, 2013 by YANO GOVENDER

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answered Mar 14, 2013 by filo cam
Hi Yano,

last year I growed some green beans on a pot with the mere aim of creating an external curtain and shade a small window to my bedroom. I harvested a relatively generous yield and also could kept some seeds for the new season (I sow them just yesterday).

This happened in Rome; probably in S.A., at this time, you should look for the seeds and keep them untill the new mild season begins again...
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answered Apr 2, 2013 by Mariah Redwood
Yes, but remember the bigger the pot the more soil, the better the soil, the better the beans. Probably the only time that doesn't apply is when you are growing shallow rooted crops. Beans are not shallow rooted. When beans are finished cut plant off and leave roots in soil to rot and provide nitrogen for the next plant. Also your soil will need to be refreshed with compost before planting another crop. 
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answered Apr 5, 2013 by Martie Schoeman

I planted beans in a pot and I must say it was a very good idea.It seems just to produce beans all the time. I give extra nourishment every week and that seems to work for me.
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answered May 6, 2013 by serena covone
yes u can, of course, but if u want to plant them with some companion plants, take in consideration of the size they will grow to, and if they will overshadow the other plants. otherwise would it be possible to plant them in the background so to leave the foreground for other plants?