Can you please describe the best nutrition that I should give to my red beans?

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asked Sep 3, 2012 by Grow the Planet Girl

  I know that iI should keep my beans in the sun and water them daily, but what I want to know is the best nutrition, such as best fertilizer type, and the best type of sunlight for it.I want to know when to transplant it, and how much to water it.Thankyou so much.


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answered Sep 3, 2012 by Orto Infinity

If you have a good soil to start, well fertilized by muck, you don't need to put any other fertilizer.

They grow either in fullsun and in mid-shadow.

The transplant is right when the plants have a pair of final leaves.

In this season at my latitude, they have to be wet, and so the quantity of water is function of rain and sun, they have to be neither dry nor muddy. You are the best judge of it.

bye Infinity

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answered Sep 7, 2012 by Christopher Burgess

Before setting beans of any type it is best to dig in some good quality compost or well rotten manure. This will then hold more water in the soil. You can use Tomato fertilizer to help the bean once you see the flowers and when the beans start to show.

When the beans are all finished cut off the tops and put in the compost bin but leave the roots in the ground and they will add nitrogen to the soil.

Don't grow beans in the same bed two years running

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