how to grow asperagus

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asked Aug 9, 2012 by julie fagnant

have planted asperagus, is getting tall foliage, what now?


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answered Aug 9, 2012 by Orto Infinity

wait, and wait more....

The asparagus is very slow to grow and to be ready for picking up.

If you started from seed, about two years have to pass before the so-called "zampe" (root) are ready for the setting, and than other two years for the first picking up. In the meanwhile you have to muck and pull up weeds, cut the dry foliage and earth up the plants.

If you started from "zampe", you have saved the first two years (from seed to root), but the rest is the same written above.

Good waiting


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answered Aug 10, 2012 by Mario Carabotta

careful cause it needs very sandy soil! cheers