I am about to attempt my first grape vine any tips please

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asked May 21, 2013 by mel moran

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answered May 22, 2013 by dawn lobato
selected May 22, 2013 by mel moran
so am I let me know if u get any replies thanx
I grew concords in Oregon.  If I trimmed the vine, no grapes would emerge the following year.
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answered May 26, 2013 by Melinda Lockwood 1 flag
I planted4 plants about 15 years ago. I pretty much ignore them and they do just great here in mid-Missouri. I bought  10 plants this spring and am not expecting any grapes till next summer from my "newbies."
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answered May 28, 2013 by Joan Joyce
I live in London and have 3 vines. The 2 I planted grow and established very quickly. I grow both outside but provide some protection for the root of the one that's in the main garden. I find that if I prune back to growing spurs I getter a better crop of bigger grapes. If I leave the plant unchecked I get a hugh crop but the grapes are very small. I tend to prune early spring while the plants are still dormant. I inherited a third which was overgrown and suffering badly from mildew when I got my allotment 7 years ago. It had small bitter fruits which went mouldy quickly. I cut it right back and then used the same principle as my home vines and now find that I get a larger quantity of good size grapes of a very good flavour.

I suppose it depends on where you are, but vines are generrally easy to grow and maintain and relatively problem free.