Organic vegetables

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asked Aug 8, 2012 by 'Hicham Habib

hi all 

this is a very nice site, but to my bad luck i don't understand Italian and i found that most of the discussions are in Italian language, is there any one who can help me with growing organic vegetables or direct me to a site where i can use some information?

Thank You


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answered Aug 8, 2012 by Orto Infinity

Hi you too and wellcome among us!

If you want a translate of some discussions, you ask it and we write also for you. I speak also for the other green users (right green-boys?), and I hope you forgive us errors in translations.

For the organic veg: I grow up my veg without any chemical products and with manual or mechanical means. I choose organic seeds to start and use only dung producted by my horses.

The results of my choice are veg and fruits not perfect in the esterior aspects but very delicious in flavour and quality.

In this way I have found that some vegetables have a flavour complete different from the one of vegetables sold in the supermarket, someone that I dislike before, now I like more then others.

Bye Infinity

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answered Aug 9, 2012 by Leonardo Piras

Our community is very strong in Italy but we are steadily growing in other parts of the world.
You'll see that a lot of us speak English and Spanish too and are happy to help with any problems in any language.

So, feel free to post your stuff in English, follow some users, try to be followed back and you'll see that the conversation will flow.

Hope you'll enjoy your stay,


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answered Aug 15, 2012 by Christopher Burgess

Hi I grow organic vegetables. I don't use sprays or chemical fertilizers or weedkiller. I do however protect all my plants with netting. its called rubble netting and is 2 or 3 meters wide and comes in lengths from 25m to 50m of ebay. its very inexpensive and then I cut it lengthways to fit and prop it up with plastic water piping (blue coloured available from Wicks or large DIYs). cut the piping to 2m lengths and use bambo canes at each end, stick them in the ground to use as hoops and put the netting over. This keeps out all birds, butterflies etc. I covered Carrots with this aswell and had no carrotfly. Hoe around the plants at least once a week to keep the weeds at bay. I hope this helps.


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answered Jan 15, 2013 by serena covone
Hi, u didn t specify what kind of vegetable garden u would like to grow, if a traditional one or a permaculture one.

If u like i ll give u some links where u can download stuff for free just to get urself into the idea and see what is best for u.

let me know,


well i grow everything organic so i can tell u what i did anyway and what i m doing now since i m trying to change from traditional to permaculture. I don t know how it will be, but i know for sure that last yr i was successfull with the traditional method.
I have also change to organic.Still in the beginning stage but can start eating from my garden.Will help if I know what problem you have.
Good luck