help pigeons are eating my vegetables

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asked Jun 4, 2013 by JONATHAN FIELD
i have put netting over them but they just dive bomb and land in the center of the netting pushing it down so they can reach my plants grrrr help

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answered Jun 4, 2013 by michael robinson
im new to this veg game aswell ive just been given some sprout plants by allotment holder next door as mine suffered the same fate as yours and was told to plant them put netting over them and they did say make sure to firmly fix bottom of netting to the ground so i am going to try this but then their is the slugfest its nice to be green and all that its either two quid for slug pellets etc or my allotment is just going to be a big dinner plate for every thing but me and my family. best of luck
i grow mine on raised beds and have made loops out of plastic water pipe 3 on a 8ft bed and cover with mesh no trouble from pidgeons now
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answered Jul 8, 2013 by Lisa Baker Whittaker
Either add a strong framework to the netting (old metal coathangers usually do well) and/or lots of upright sticks between the veges to make it a hard landing, or, for your smaller veges cut the top off of a drinks bottle and put it over the plant (see 'plastic bottles' section in link for a picture of what I mean - also makes good propagators)


good luck.