Hi i am new to this site how do i up load a photo thanks

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asked Jun 16, 2013 by Alan Milner

2 Answers

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answered Jun 16, 2013 by Joan Joyce
Scroll down the front page to the bottons marked Share, Thought Photo. There is a camera icon by photo. click on this and it shoud take you to your device. From there it's similar to attaching a file to email. Make sure you add any heading and text you want using the thought button. The share botton allows you to post to the community. A word of warning. Photo in your album seems to also auto post
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answered Jun 17, 2013 by cheryl beaudoin
lOOK at the left corner where your profile pic is.  under there it has an icon with a camera and it says My Pictures.  click on that and it will put you right in to upload and describe.. help it helps..