my tom plants are bushy but dont seem to be growing tall

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asked Jun 19, 2013 by phil david
i plantted some money maker tomatoe plants outside about 6 weeks ago they are about  18 inch tall and bushy but dont seem to be growing tall i have been feeding them once a week  is there any thing i can do or will they grow tall

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answered Jun 21, 2013 by Jan Smith
It is my opinion, if the plants are green, with healthy appearance you have nothing to worry about. This particular tomatoe takes approximately 147 days from seed to harvest.  At maturity it will be approx 4 feet tall, on your structure to support it and it's fruit.  Remember, moderately water from the bottom and avoid wetting the leaves, strong support and slightly to moderate acidic loamy soil is the ticket to success with your MoneyMakers.  Adding Epsom salt will assist in the overall health of the plants ensuring strong and vibrant plants.  You will be harvesting many Moneymakers in late Summer, so be prepared for what to do with "all those tomatoes".

My concern, if any, if the above isn't the case, Are you sure the type of plants are, Moneymakers, a vining type of tomatoe?  Is it possible someone  gave you determinate plants, bushy type of tomatoe plants, instead of what you were expecting?

In any instance, relax and smell the tomatoes blooms....time will tell.