garlic blossoms are they viable seeds to plant?

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asked Jul 2, 2013 by jim douglas
If they are, how are they planted?

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answered Jul 4, 2013 by John Ferro
If you mean "If I go to a market and buy a garlic bulb, will it grow if I plant it?" then the answer is YES. While I was living in San Jose' I used to buy one globe, break it into individual cloves and plant each in my Square Foot Garden, 4 to a square. They sent leaves up within a week and grew very well. Now that I have moved up here, I just started my new plot and planted three squares. Again, the greens are already over a foot high. When the blossom stalk starts up, I knock the greens and stalk over, like onions, and let them dry a while. Digging up the bulb shows that it has formed a bulb similar to the one I originally bough. I use these cloves in cooking.
This is good advise - I also find garlic looks attractive when growing between most low-growing ornamental flowers in gardens (gives a bit more green to the ones that are mostly flowers). so if you have a 'pretty patch' designed for color instead of eating then feel free to grow them in there as well :D .