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asked Jul 8, 2013 by mike sheeran
Hello dirty amenders,all!

It's time to harvest my potatoe area, and above ground the bushs look to have had a beautiful growing season of 10-12 weeks with beautiful white flowering all over. The plants are breaking down and ready to be pulled, but I wonder this; Appearing on the scene are clumps of green/hard grape sized seeds dangling from each plant. My research led to continued uncertainity to what they are! Are they poisonous,or are they as they seem by mother nature to truly be; the next generation of potatoe seed? Thanks all..Keep Dirty!!

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answered Jul 8, 2013 by Joan Joyce
They are actually the fruit of the potato plant and yes they contain hundreds of seeds some of which are viable, but they are very, very poisonous and you might want to think about whether you really want to harvest them,the seeds are not that reliable and recovering the viable ones is not straightforward.. If you do intend to try and harvest, please wear gloves and ensure you do not get the fruit content on your skin.Potatoes belong to the Solanaceae plant family. (nightshade) The fruits carry a large quantity of a glycoalkaloid poison known as solanine. Given how easy it is to grow potatoes from very little material it might be best to leave growing from seed to the scientists and specialist growers with the equipment to isolate and harvest the viable seeds safely.