bark beetle insect

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asked Jun 25, 2012 by hani shraideh

Hello Dear,

the problem is related to a Italian Cypress trees, the trees are about 

( 1.5-1.8 ) meters tall. I'v noticed lately (2 months ago), several 

broken branches, I discovered (Bark Beetle) insects.

they infection is still limited and not severe. I pruned the infected 

branches, washed the trees with clean water.

an engineer in the Ministry of Agriculture recommended to use

(Confidor). Do you think is it suitable ?

What shall I do? help please.


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answered Jun 25, 2012 by Orto Infinity


bark beete can kill trees totaly, but it often attaks hill trees weakened by disease, drought, smog, conspecific beetles or physical damage.

Confidor is an insecticidal compounds not selective that doesen't go into the wood and than it kills only the adults out of the tree and not the ones inside. And not only bark beeltle.

I stay to look at the situation, maybe trees can limit the invasion to the branches more run-down and continue to grow.

Look at the other trees near them so to understand if the invasion is limited to Cypress or hits also other kind of trees.

I hope to succed in relplying you correctly.

Bye Infinity