My peppers are too HOT, why?

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asked Jan 25, 2013 by tracy blee
I grew Cherry Bomb Hybrid peppers last year and my son took a bite out of one and they were so hot he couldn't breath. Now these peppers are suppose to be 20% less hot then a jalapeno and my son said these were like 40% hotter!!!! My question is, could it be that I need to water them more, I have read that this works with raddishes. My plants have never shown stress like they are under watered. We tried them before they were all the way ripe and also when they were ripe and they were too hot both ways. Thank you for any help you offer. I will be planting more plants this year and will try any and all suggestions.  Tracy

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answered Jan 25, 2013 by Michele Lorenzoni
Hi, Tracy!!! I suppose that your pepper plant is been under watered. Watering is very important during the maturation time: if you don't watered enough your plants, their fruits become more hot. For your next peppers coltivation, water more your plants during the maturation phase but pay attention, pepper roots are very susceptible at  waterlogging. Do something to improve the conditions of soil drainage.!

I hope that Gtp can help us in peppers coltivation.   :-)
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answered Jan 25, 2013 by Michele Lorenzoni
Belive in me cherry bombs are not very hot !!!! 4 years ago i ate a red savina habanero .... the worst 4 -5 hours of my life !!!! look at them