Does anyone have a good homemade organic fertilizer that I can use on my whole vegatable garden?

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asked Jan 27, 2013 by tracy blee
edited Jan 27, 2013 by tracy blee
I grow just about anything I can get my hands on and would like to find a homemade recipe for and organic fertilizer that will work on everything. I am trying to get away from chemicals for fertilizing. I use superthive which is a wonderful vitamin and I have used manure tea, but not much else. I have found some recipes but I would rather use something that someone tells me they have used and it worked well.    Thank you so much for your answers,   Tracy

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answered Feb 11, 2013 by neil glatzeder

Hello Tracy.

As a basic organic balance fertilizer would recommend blood fish and bone which I always use prior to planting and then as a top dressing a couple of months down the line. Of course different vegies have different needs. The blood fish and bone have an N/P/K ratio of approx 6/6/6/

Hope that helps.

Kind Regaards.