Has anyone used worm castings for fertilizer

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asked Jan 27, 2013 by tracy blee
I am thinking of starting a worm composter for my grand kids. I have read some about them, but am wondering if anyone has used this stuff and what were the results? Can you use it alone as a fertilizer. or do you use it with other fertilizers?  Thank you for your help,,,  Tracy

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answered Jan 28, 2013 by Giuliano Rinaldi

Hello Tracy, I think vermicompost can be considered "the best" for organic gardening. If you produce by yourself you'll learn fast how to balance ingredients (carbon, nitrate, phosphate) so that you don't need any other fertilizer. It's actually "the only" basic "fertilizer" that Nature itself has already used without mankind (and after...) Just follow basic instructions and give it a try!  You can actually find many videos on youtube (red wigglers, womery, worm tea, and so on..)  on easy starting a wormery and getting the most by the best natural fertilizer:worm casting. Worms make even "compost" richer; you can use wrmcasting [in any form] for all of your garden plants that need rich soil/hydroponics/cuttings or when transplanting give plant a wormtea bath (reduced stress warranty...). Just some "selected" references (DIY): ecoyardfarming.com - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA6KgVXYNts - http://lombricomposteur.com - last but not least (my blog..only italian yet..Permaculture project photogallery) http://bucciadimela.altervista.org/gallery/  feel free to contact me for further infos. bye!

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answered Jan 28, 2013 by serena covone
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hi tracy,

This is a foolproof solution for all gardens, it' s the easiest and the cheapest too. Have a look for urself.

This is the link, and yes it' s in english, although the site is in italian u have to look for the video 'PERMACULTURE WORM TOWER'.

Usually u use both the worm casting anbd/or the worm tea which is the urine. The urine can be used both straight and with the addition of water, that' s up to u.

When u use the worm tower there is no need, because u'll find that the worms will both spread the compost they feed on directly in the soil they live in,  and they ' ll also fertilize it with their casting as they go... each day and night.  A two ways compost, both traditional compost and worm casting. The worms will keep working in winter too although they slow down their activities, so the food will take longer to be used up from the tower and consequentially to break down.

The video will clear all doubts, i m sure.


Only thing u have to keep in mind is... how deep does the soil in ur area freezes in winter? 

Bye for now,




hi Tracy I mix the worm castings 2 to 1 with last years growbag mixture and use for potting on seedlings .With regard to the worm tea I strongly ssuggest you dilute this 10 to 1 with water to feed to your plants , if you use this undiluted you will burn your plants due to the strengh of the worm tea  Regards David .
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answered May 16, 2013 by EJ Rees
Tracy, this is a great thing to do with children!  It is easy and fun.  There are some great books and websites that can teach you how to build your own vermicomposter (worm bin) or they can be purchased on Amazon.  I made my own for years (rubbermaid tubs work great) and finally broke down a few years ago and bought a stackable one on-line.

The vermicompost is great - I work it into my garden every Spring!  Have fun! Eileen